Follow the Coast

by Duckspeak

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released July 24, 2013

Giovanni Colantonio - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Handclaps

All songs written and performed by Giovanni Colantonio, except for bird noises on "Dennis, MA," performed by a bunch of birds.

Mastered by Dev Avidon at Avidon Audio Labs

Album art by Jack Samels



all rights reserved


Duckspeak Brooklyn, New York

Duckspeak is an NYC-based folk-rock band. Originally a solo project for singer-songwriter Giovanni Colantonio, they have since expanded out into a full 4-piece featuring Andy Hanold (guitar), David Flamm (bass, melodica), and Greg Schulz (drums).

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Track Name: Dennis, MA
*birds and chimes*
Track Name: Let's Fight!
When we woke up, we found it all changed for the worse,
O, the weather was cold, it was supposed to warm up,
And your heart it had frozen, oh you tried to knock me out,
But I ain't goin' down without a fight.

Well I took my lover down to the ring,
I said I'd fight any man who tried to get in,
Well I took my lover, oh, down to the ring,
I said I'd kill any man who tried to get in.

They say you can't be a man without fighting,
No, you can't be a man without fighting.

When we woke up again in separate beds,
I had bruises on my nose, and a scar across my head,
You can kick me, you can punch me, you can leave me for dead,
But I ain't goin' down without a fight.

I say you can't be a man without fighting,
No, you can't be a man without fighting.
Track Name: Fuckin' Up
I would never take your life over mine,
Even though by all accounts you're doing fine,
While I am struggling over here, yeah I am trying,
To get it all back together; watch it fall apart.

I was making ends meet, I was on fire,
And you loved me like a dream, 'til you got tired,
Brittle bones and broken hearts, they expire,
And if you'd told me from the start, I think I'd fall again.

I am trying to be the best that I can be,
I am trying to be the best man I can be,

But I keep fuckin' up,
I keep fuckin' up.
Track Name: One Night Stands
When you left me, I went crazy tryin' to find myself,
Looked in broken coffee cups and tried to drink the glass,
Tried to stay in bed for days and hope it was a dream,
Woke up, made a sandwich, collapsed onto my knees.

When you wouldn't talk to me, I thought that I would die,
Couldn't kill myself, but thought that someone else would try,
If someone had killed me, at least they would have said,
"He had so much potential, it's a shame that he is dead."

When you wouldn't love me, I had planned to make mistakes,
Sleep around with Brooklyn girls and wake in a cold sweat,
I'd ask them if they'd hold me and tell me it'd be okay,
They'd ask, "What's wrong?" and I would cry, "My baby's gone away!"
Track Name: Corporate Sellout
Thought I'd die without a job,
So I took one in hell,
Keepin' ice cold,
For the devil, himself.

Thought I'd win their love,
With a paycheck, not a song,
But no one's impressed when you sell off your soul,
No one's impressed when you let it all go,

Corporate sellout,
You will die with your dreams and your dreams they will die with you.

And I make 45k.
Track Name: "Short Break"
You said we're goin' on a "short break" just in case,
Your back could not take all the pressure and the weight,
I am a patient man, I said it was okay,
'Cuz I had hope it'd come together again some day.

I can not take all the months of being alone,
I tried to call you, but you won't pick up your phone,
I tried to say "I love you" to the dial tone,
But the operator told me to get goin'.

So much for a "short break."

You said we're goin' on a "short break" then you made,
An escape so clean, Houdini would have said,
"Hey what's your secret ma'am? I sure could use some help,
A trick like that could make a ton of ticket sales."

I can not take all the months of being alone,
I tried to write to you, but you changed your address and home,
I asked your postman where you'd been, he said "I don't know,
But it was months ago; it's time to move on."

Run, run, run.
Track Name: Birdwatching
You know I had to leave the city this year,
You know I've been so busy, and I just don't have the time to spare,
But now I've got these days to shed off my skin,
And I'd like to spend 'em sleeping, but I'm havin' trouble sleeping again.

I tried to make a list of the things I love to do,
But it's been so hard, 'cuz it starts and ends with you,
So I went birdwatching and I fell asleep on the beach,
And I know it sounds crazy, but I could hear 'em squawking your name,
To me.

I am not sleep talking,
I am not sleep talking,
I am not sleep talking into your ear,
To your ear.
Track Name: Marlon Brando
I was setting up a trap to catch myself in,
So if I got too close to danger, I would fall in,
And it kept me safe and sound for a moment,
Until I found my way around because I dug it.

You warned me not to walk on land already treaded,
You had seen the end of that road and it's haunted,
By dark history marked by years of deception,
But I had a death wish, so of course I didn't listen.

I went to the battlefield to plan out my whole game,
And I am a mastermind, so it all fell into place,
Making my final moves to close in on my pray,
But I am scared shitless, so I think I'll run away.

I was looking for the ghost of Marlon Brando,
To ask him how he got so fearless and so handsome,
If I could just take an ounce of courage from his spectre,
Well I'd sell my soul just to be a contender.
Track Name: The Pier
I got lost while I was lookin' for the pier,
Knew the direction but hadn't been in years,
Is it still down there or did it wash away,
In that freak hurricane that we had back in May?
The winds they blew so hard they swept me off my feet,
Sending trash and branches down the empty streets,
Knowcking down all of the places we have lived,
Houses got destroyed and we had to rebuild,
Started over and we tried to make it right this time,
Build these walls so thick no one could come inside,
How it backfired when the walls came crumbling in,
Trapped me with my memories and aching limbs,
How'd it all go wrong? I guess I'll never know, oh,
I am looking for the pier and to let go.
Track Name: Be Perfect
I will make it through this pain,
All my heroes are in graves,
All my lovers went away,
I will make it through this pain.

I will make a bad mistake,
Lie and cheat, decieve, be fake,
Start again, we must remake,
But I will make a bad mistake.

I don't care if it hurts,
I'm messing up 'til it works.

I'll be perfect in the end,
Once I lose all of my friends,
Fill up on cheap thrills 'til I'm spent,
Then I'll be perfect in the end.

And I'm coming home,
Don't you know it's been so long,
Since I've found a place I can call my own?
I'm laying back,
Don't you know I need the rest?
I'm so tired of running,
Around and around and around and around again.

I will make it through this pain,
All my heroes are in graves,
All my lovers went away,
I can't make it through this pain.
Track Name: Firefly
If you see my soul,
Tell me where it's going,
Catch it in a jar like,
A firefly and,
Please don't let it die,
Poke a hole inside,
Not too small or wide, just,
Enough to let the air,
Run through.

If you see my moon,
I hope she shines for you,
She's so good at being bright,
And if she leaves you soon,
It is no fault of you,
It's just the time's not always right,
And if she says my name,
Tell her I miss her.

Tell her I miss her.