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released January 28, 2013

All songs written and performed by Giovanni Colantonio

Giovanni Colantonio - Guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, glockenspiel, melodica, keyboards, drums, bird samples.

Album Art by Jack Samels



all rights reserved


Duckspeak Brooklyn, New York

Duckspeak is an NYC-based folk-rock band. Originally a solo project for singer-songwriter Giovanni Colantonio, they have since expanded out into a full 4-piece featuring Andy Hanold (guitar), David Flamm (bass, melodica), and Greg Schulz (drums).

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Track Name: Talking About Balloons
We were talking about balloons,
And the things that people do,
From the comfort and the privacy,
Of their hearts and their bedrooms.

Broadcast it for the whole world to see,
For the mothers running families,
Let 'em dream of being free, free,
Through the frame of their TVs.

We were talking about the moon,
And the phases it goes through,
Will they change the way we feel?
Or will that be decided too?

Oh, it goes on.
Track Name: H/T/C
Your smile haunts me every day and I know that's a cliché,
But I wanted you to make me someone they would write about in plays,
All those men with ink and pens wanna write about the truth,
And truth is there is endless drama in how much I've hidden from you.

And I think I know how this one ends 'cause it's branded as tragedy,
But with a working romance, they would call it a comedy,
Not that it's been funny, though I've made a quip or two,
And I think you laughed to be polite, not 'cause the jokes were good.

Tell me a story,
But don't tell me how it ends,
Stop before the last page,
And leave me,

It's nothing but a timeless tale as classic as the sea,
About a boy who loved a girl 'til he was history,
He'd take her out to the movies, he'd take her out on dates,
But she ran off with the villain to be killed or to copulate.

Write me a sonnet,
But don't tell me who it's for,
Leave out the couplet,
To leave me,
Wanting more.

It's nothing but a timeless tale as classic as the sea,
About a boy who loved a girl 'til he was history.
Track Name: Discovering Oceans
Mary, you will never find another man quite like me,
The way I bury my heart in the sand in my head in the trees.

It's not like uncovering insects,
When you were the first in the dirt.

Mary, you will never find a golden coin who shines like me,
The way I'm buried in a chest underground with no X to mark me.

It's not like discovering oceans,
When you were the first to set sail,
The world was so new and full of discovery,
It's all been dug up since then.

Mary, I will never find a shining light as bright as you,
The way I've buried myself in the dirt as I wait to be food.
Track Name: Graves
When I die,
Put a photo in my coffin,
And a letter from my girlfriend,
The one who thought that I was perfect.

When I die,
Don't wait three days for the service,
How I'd hate to disappoint them,
With the hope of resurrection.

I am not coming back divine.

When I die,
Please don't tell the ones I've broken,
How I'd hate for them to chime in,
And reveal all of my bullshit.

I am not coming back divine.
Track Name: I'll Be Yer Ghost Writer
The girl with the pen,
Man, she could write,
The best eulogies,
That you've ever heard,
Her old deadbeat dad,
Became her best friend,
Her ex-boyfriend scum,
Became a loved one again.

The man with the gun,
Shot that girl dead,
Outside the church,
Where those words were read,
Now who's gonna speak,
Such beautiful things,
About the sad life,
She used to lead?

I'll be yer ghost, I'll be yer ghost.

I'll be yer ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost writer.

I'll be yer ghost, ghost, ghost, ghost...
Track Name: Henry J
Coming up to the house,
Where my mother was born,
And I don't even try,
To come home anymore,
O, I've spent too many Christmases by the family tree,
Waiting for December 26th to make its way to me,
O, I bought a TV boxset for my family to see,
Now it's been collecting dust for years behind the TV.

Coming up to the hospital bed,
Where my old man lays prone,
You can see it in his eyes,
That the holidays are done,
O, we gathered 'round his body like a feast on New Year's Eve,
Holding hands and saying prayers that he found finally find some peace,
And I wondered as I watched his veins drain out the IV;
When men get old and fade away, do they cease to be?

Don't you cry when your grandfather dies.

'Cause that'll be your last time.
Track Name: Middle-Aged And Going Grey
Disappointment and disillusionment,
You kept a feeder on your lawn,
You'd shoot at the squirrels when the climbed up inside,
You'd shoot at the crows 'cause they weren't beautiful, oh!

Everything needs to live!

Middle-aged and going grey, grey!
You pissed in the garden to keep deer away,
Protect your tomatoes from the trampling of hooves,
But you can't fight the marching or the passing of days!

Everything needs to live!
Track Name: I Dream Of Gang Wars
I can't go to bed without fearing,
Men winding up dead on the steps,
Of my parents old beach house,
That my grandfather built himself,
'Cause even quiet towns have determined men,
Who will do what it takes to survive,
Some build things up, others break 'em down,
And will kill you if you step on their turf,
On their turf.

One night while we were out mini-golfing,
Someone broke into out old house,
And they robbed us blind, and the cops couldn't find,
A lead as to who was the thief,
I was just a kid, and I could not figure out,
Why anyone would do something so cruel,
But I am older now, and the idea of pickpocketing in crowds
Seems so much easier to do.

And why would I reconnect with my old friends,
When all I wanna do is beat the shit out of them?

If I ever hurt you, I probably shouldn't have,
I was only looking out for myself,
A killer's gotta kill, and a builder's gotta build,
And I have to keep moving on,
So if I left you behind, it was not personal,
It's just that I thought that I had somewhere to be,
And now that I am nowhere, I should tell you I'm sorry,
'Cause I never gave you the chance to tame me.

I used to kick like a fucking horse.
Track Name: O, My Girl
O, my girl,
What have I done?
O, my girl,
What have I become?

O, my girl,
Sleep through the night,
I'll be gone,
By the dawn of the morning light.

O, my girl,
What have I done?
O, my girl,
What have I become?