Past Perfect

by Duckspeak

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released April 10, 2014

All songs written by Giovanni Colantonio
Produced by David Flamm and Giovanni Colantonio
Mixing by David Flamm, at Castrophany Studios, New York, NY
Recorded at The Scrips, Ridgewood, NY
Mastering by Mike Quinn, at The Moontower, Somerville, MA

Packaging design by Jack Samels
Cover art by Georgi Gregori
Back photo by Cate Dingley

Giovanni Colantonio - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Organ, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Additional Percussion

David Flamm - Bass, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synths, Additional Percussion, Radiator

Doug Linse - Drums, Backing Vocals
Andy Hanold - Electric Guitar
Sutton Dewey - Electronic Beat, Backing Vocals, Handclaps
Greg Schulz - Backing vocals, Handclaps
Mary Kate Luff - Backing Vocals
Mary Westlake - Backing Vocals
Ray Brown - Backing Vocals
Sarah Turk - Backing Vocals
Charles Mansfield - Backing Vocals
Bart Comegys - Backing Vocals



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Duckspeak Brooklyn, New York

Duckspeak is an NYC-based folk-rock band. Originally a solo project for singer-songwriter Giovanni Colantonio, they have since expanded out into a full 4-piece featuring Andy Hanold (guitar), David Flamm (bass, melodica), and Greg Schulz (drums).

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Track Name: A Constant Reminder
O, that picture of you in your pink wig,
Will haunt my dreams, will haunt my dreams.
How it sat so full upon your head!
My memory's out to get me.

O, that plush you made me for Christmas,
Sleeps next to me, sleeps next to me.
With its three soft eyes looking down my back!
I'm starting to believe it's watching me.

O, your last name splayed 'cross the center,
Of my TV screen, my TV screen.
How I'd wished to see my own with yours!
But I guess some dreams aren't meant to be.

And everything is a constant reminder,
A constant reminder, a constant reminder.

And if I have to show up to another wedding without you,
I'll go fucking crazy.
Track Name: Last Bird Song For Now
When I was 19 years old,
I had to write a song about you,
So I compared you to a bird,
And sang how hard it was to catch you.

But I've gotten older now,
And I've gotten over you.

When I was 20 years old,
I broke your heart and wrecked your winter,
So you compared me to a bird,
Who left his nest and killed his children.

But you've gotten older now,
And you've gotten over me.

When we fell in love last year,
I didn't want to use the same words,
So I compared you to the moon,
But what you did was less than shining.

I'm starting to worry that I'm losing my courage,
Why is it so hard to say what you mean?
"Joanna, I'm sorry I left you abruptly,
And Chelsea, what you did to me was shit!"

I've spent so much time at home,
Trying to be sincere and honest,
But these words carry a tone,
That sound like fiction when I sing them.

So I am writing one last bird song for now.
I am writing one last bird song for now.
Track Name: Lightning Speed
I have made such grave mistakes,
I have hurt all of the people who'll be absent at my wake,
Coffin bearers and broken plans will take us to the end,
And I'm ashamed to sat I'll go at lightning speed then,
'Cause I have made such grave mistakes,
I have hurt all of the people who'll be absent at my wake,
I have made such brave escapes,
And it's all coming back to me now.

Well, we sat inside your living room, watching your TV,
Your shoulder silhouetted by the static beautifully,
As I ran my finger down your back, I thought that this would be,
The end of time, it all stops here, so warm and peacefully,
But of course things never go exactly as you plan,
The feeling fades and breaks away, then reforms once again,
But this time felt so heavy as it caved in on my chest,
'Cause I think you were the one who I was ready to accept.

And I wonder where my old haunts are now,
Do they still dream about me?
Or are they just trying to settle down,
With a sturdy anchor?
When I go, will they sleep well at night,
Knowing that justice has prevailed?
Will anything wipe it clean?

Would you feel better in your Idaho home?
Would you feel better in your Philadelphia apartment?
You'd feel better in your Boston home.
Would you feel better, would you feel better?

Would you feel better?
Track Name: It's Alright
Folk singer, won't you sing that song for me?
About your wife, your ex-girlfriends, and your family?

And how they hate to be cast in such a light,
How they hate when you speak in blacks and whites.

Oil painter, won't you paint it out for me?
Your frustrations on a canvas for the world to see.

O, the way you streak your reds across your whites,
Tells me that you are not doing alright.

Janitor, won't you mop that floor for me?
I know it sucks to clean up piss, but can't you see?

That it's alright to be no one, it's alright to be alone.
Track Name: There Is A Sickness
You woke up early in the morning,
And crawled out of bed,
To make me breakfast,
Something simple from the freezer,
And I'll remember it forever.

O, the nights fill me with terror,
Each one the same old dream about you leaving,
You make a beeline from the bedroom,
And hide.

O, Lord! Give me strength!
Even though I don't believe in you,
I think I need a miracle,
So, Lord! Give me strength!
'Cause I think I've reached the bitter end,
And I'm about to throw the towel in,
And if I was a better man,
I'd suck it up and start again,
But I am such a fucking mess,
And all my friends are sick of it.

And all my friends are sick of it!
Track Name: Past Perfect
O, that man is so charming!
Where'd you ever find one like that?
And his eyes so disarming!
Don't you ever look back!

O, your new home's so lovely!
Where'd you ever find one like that?
And your backyard's so green!
Don't you ever look back!

I can guarantee you won't like what you see,
No one ever likes who they used to be.

O, your old life's a blur now!
How'd you ever climb out of that?
You were young, wild and reckless!
Do you ever look back?

Maybe you should go dancing,
There is nothing as dangerous as that!
And when your arms are around him,
You can never look back!

And I can't guarantee you will like where it leads,
But no one ever knows 'til it's history.
Track Name: The Master Plan
Irene packed her bags,
Said "Enough's enough! It's time that we move on,
O, this distance is killing me!"
John was a wreck, spilling out his guts and crying on the phone,
Saying, "Irene, I love you completely!"
"John, it is time to see other people--or at least it's time for me,
Maybe you should see a therapist."
So John made a plan to win her back, until he found himself,
Standing outside those pearly gates, singing:

"Lord, I'm coming!
Coming to find you now!
And if I find it is was your fault all along,
I'm gonna punch you in the mouth!"

Week after week, he'd call her up and say "Listen Irene,
I think it's time we worked these things out."
And she was patient at first, until his please began to sound rehearsed,
You know she had to lay that truth down:
"I can not love you again, I find your need for dependency so disturbing,
You should really spend some time alone."
Of course he didn't agree,
He cursed her out, screaming, "Fuck you, Irene!"
I guess he really went down swinging, singing:

"Lord, I'm coming!
Coming to find you now!
And if I find it is was your fault all along,
I'm gonna punch you in the mouth!"

Instead of being alone,
He went on the prowl to fill that empty hole,
Growing wider in his chest,
The king of the scene,
it'd be no time 'til he'd forgotten Irene,
Under all that cheap wine and cheap sex,
But it's so hard to forget, in an era when computer screens are meant,
To keep everything alive forever,
He kept seeing her face and the words she wrote all over the place,
O, this must be some kind of curse! He was singing:

"Lord, I'm coming!
Coming to find you now!
And if I find it is was your fault all along,
I'm gonna punch you in the mouth!"

One night underground,
Waiting for a train to take him into town,
He just couldn't stop thinking,
But as the metal approached, he figured out a way to stop her ghost,
From hanging 'round his body,
So with one final scream, John yelled,
"You made me give up! I loved you Irene!" as the light came down the tunnel,
And with one final leap, o! He hit the tracks, those metal tires screeched,
And rolled right on through his vision,
He went out singing:

"Lord, I'm coming!
Coming to find you now!
And if I find it is was your fault all along,
I'm gonna punch you in the mouth!"
Track Name: Everything Will Fall Apart
O, I'm shaking (everything will fall apart)
The big bad wolf is breathing (everything will fall apart)
Your vision of the future (everything will fall apart)
And your image of the past (everything will fall apart)

Everything will fall apart.

O, I've been dreaming that everything will fall apart,
I thought I heard you screaming that "Everything will fall apart."

Everything will fall apart.

O, we're fading (everything will fall apart)
I don't think we will make it (everything will fall apart)

Everything will fall apart.