Odes And Minuets

by Duckspeak

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released June 9, 2012

All Songs Written and Performed by Giovanni Colantonio

Giovanni Colantonio - Mandolin, Grand Piano, Banjo, Ukulele, Bass, Keybaords, Pump Organ, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Guitar, Toy Piano, Violin, Harmonica, Atari Synth, Snare Drum, Handclaps

Fred Soligan - Additional Synths and Production on "My Muse, My Muse"

Album Art by Jack Samels



all rights reserved


Duckspeak Brooklyn, New York

Duckspeak is an NYC-based folk-rock band. Originally a solo project for singer-songwriter Giovanni Colantonio, they have since expanded out into a full 4-piece featuring Andy Hanold (guitar), David Flamm (bass, melodica), and Greg Schulz (drums).

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Track Name: Something Nice Back Home
You need a haircut, and you need a love life, and you need a way back home,
Don’t mean to sound rude, but you’re looking anxious,
You need something nice back home.

The water will swallow you whole,
If you let it come over your head,
Don’t stay too long; you’ll go crazy,
Come on, baby,
Get out while you can.

And there’s nothing I can do to make this all seem easier for you,
It just gets harder the longer you’re alone,
Deep sea parasites will bite, they’ll cling to your throat,
And use your body; they’ll sink it to the bottom!

Deep sea parasites!

The flood will come to your door,
Seep in through the floor,
Don’t let it in,
Don’t let it in.

There’s no escape if you don’t find,
A way to survive,
Adapt and dive below,
Pull the drain, find the bottom,
If it’s got one,
Curl up inside your home.
Track Name: Rattle
If we were any lighter,
Well, we’d probably float away,
If our clothes were any tighter,
Well, they’d probably chop our limbs off.

And I miss the days,
Where I used to be filled with ideas!
And now all my head can wrap itself around,
Is the prospect of you and me!
So, everything I write lacks substance,
They’re all skeletons of vague ideas,
And I believe that if you were with me,
This is how our love would feel.

Well, the sound of my bones moving against yours,
Would only produce a rattle.
Track Name: Unknown Mysteries (Angler Fishes)
I would fall into the sea if I knew where it went,
All these unknown mysteries, I’m starting to feel spent,
I was born a happy boy, at least so I’ve been told,
But all these years of chasing tails; I’m starting to feel old.

Beneath the floors of ocean beds, you’ll find my body still,
Attached to coral reefs; I’m whale food, I am krill,
If I could have these questions solved, I’d free myself from it,
I’d float up to the surface, if I knew how to swim.

And I had a dream,
That you were with me there,
And all the angler fishes,
Made everything clear, oh!

Won’t you light the way, won’t you light the way for me?

About four trillion years or more, and we know nothing still,
About the depths of ocean beds, but that’s part of the thrill,
To not know what is out there, swimming gracefully,
But I wish I had some idea, before it devours me.

And I have no idea,
What I will become,
And all the angler fishes,
Won’t show me where I’m from, oh!

Won’t you light the way, won’t you light the way for me?
Track Name: Hold On
Hold on,
To your mouth before you say,
Something that you’ll soon regret,
Hold on to your tongue,
To your tongue.

Hold on,
To your heart when she blows away,
Across the United States,
Hold on to your heart.

Hold on,
To your man as long as you can,
Never wonder where he’s going next,
Hold on to your man.

And I hope you’ve found your way,
‘Cause I certainly haven’t found mine,
If I ever navigate out of this old labyrinth,
When I find you,
I’ll be sure to hold on.

Hold on,
To your dreams and your guitar,
I never know what to expect,
And I don’t know where we’ll go next.
Track Name: Math Is Love
Track Name: My Muse, My Muse
I've been feeling so cold,
I think my window is broken,
But I haven't noticed,
No, I have felt no difference,
At all.

We've all been feeling so lonely,
And my dreams, my dreams, my dreams, won't let me sleep, peacefully,
But I think I felt this last year,
No, I'm positive I did.

My beds and lovers have changed,
But I have remained,
And time will pass, time will pass, time will pass,
But some things will never change.

My muse, my muse, my ghost, please let me be!
I'd love to stay with you, but it's not easy,
With all this moving around and on behind closed doors,
In different cities where the wind will calm your bones.

But we'll never change,
No, we'll stay the same,
And time will pass, time will pass, time will pass,
But I will never change.
Track Name: Fiction
You’re looking better than a Christmas parade, the way they put you on display,
And they’ll use your life just to make themselves seem more profound,
No, they’ll use your life just to make it seem like they’ve got something to say,
But they’ve got nothing to say,
No, they’ve got nothing to say!

Don’t let them fictionalize you,
Don’t let them trivialize you,
Because nothing they will say will have any substance,
And nothing they could write would do you any justice.

Don’t let them fictionalize you,
Don’t let them trivialize you.

(Don’t let them!)

Oh, what a cheap shot!
Track Name: I Would Read
I would read, I would read you to sleep,
I would read, I would read you to sleep,
And when you were so scared of all that humid air,
I would read, I would read you to sleep.

I would read, I would read you to sleep,
Just so you felt like you were there with me,
And you were in danger of the Earth swallowing you whole,
So I’d read, so I’d read you to sleep.

And all of those books that were set in the winter,
Couldn’t prepare you for the cold,
And all of those stories about weak men,
Should have prepared you for,
Prepared you for me.

I would sing, I’d sing you to sleep,
I would sing, I’d sing you to sleep,
And when you would cry that you’d choke to death on the sky,
I would sing, I would sing you to sleep.

I would sing, I would sing you to sleep,
And you would whisper to me,
“The city of angels will be the death of me!
So please sing, please sing me to sleep.”

But all of those songs that I used to sing,
Haven’t aged very well over time,
And now when you hear them you just laugh and reply,
“Oh, the sixties were such a strange,
Strange time!”
Track Name: If You Should...
If you should send me a letter,
Could you lie,
And say that everything,
Will be fine?
Write it in the sweetest calligraphy,
So I would believe,
Every pretty word,
That you’d write.

If you should send me a package,
Could you wrap it,
With the loveliest,
Of bows?

‘Cause I need a lie,
To distract me from these summer days,
And I just need more time,
To feign some beauty in,
These endless days.

If you should sing me a love song,
Don’t tell me that it’s wrong,
God, please don’t,
Break the illusion!
Please just let me believe in it,
The odes and minuets,
That make lovers,
Spit saccharine oaths!

If I must hear such lies,
Well I’d rather hear them from you,
‘Cause you’ve seen so much pain,
That I would believe they were true,
And in thirty years,
I will cover you up in Earth,
And I’ll show the world,
Exactly what you are worth.

And I wish,
I could write,
A love song,
‘Cause darling,
You deserve one.
Track Name: Learn'd Lady
I hadn’t met you,
Never even had seen your face,
But my good friend told me,
You had the perfect one for me,
And I promise myself that I wouldn’t fall in love,
Because that would be too clichéd,
But how could I not?
‘Cause you are such a learn’d lady!

And if you could see me now,
I bet you’d think that I was crazy,
Strumming and moping around,
My head racing like a horse parade!
And I know you’ve got so many better things to do,
Than be some old folk singer’s baby,
But, please! Let me dream!
Because you are such a learn’d lady!